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How to choose the best office chair
correct sitting position at desk with tablet in office

How many types of chairs are there in your house? Are they comfortable? How many hours did it take to select your office chair?? Is it soft? Did you give a trial??

Confused??? I know you think that there is something wrong with me! Isn’t it?

Everything is completely ok with me, trust me!

Then why did I all of a sudden start talking about the chair? Right? Who thinks so much before buying a chair?? I know you all are thinking that I have gone crazy. But the truth is you have to consider lots of things before buying the chair, especially when it is an office chair!

We go to the upholstery store, pick the chair that we like, complement our office interior, order it, and then leave the store. This is the most common scenario of buying a chair. It may seem like an easy task, but one has to be very much information about the chair before purchasing it.

After coming through the prologue, I am certain that you have understood what our topic is for the day. We are going to have a brief but informative discussion on the office chair. Yes…! You heard it right our topic is chairs… ting tiding!!

The chair is the most common and upholstery in our office or at our house. As I mentioned before, purchasing a chair is not an easy cup of tea. You may have to pay a visit to a doctor if you don’t choose the right chair. DOCTOR?? Yes, How? To know the right diagnosis go through this post. Reading this article can keep the doctor away. Keep reading!


correct sitting position at desk with tablet in office

It may seem that the office desk and chair is not so important part of the office, but for many people, the chair is their companion for almost 8 hours a day. Every day a group of people log in to their computer and sit in their executive chair for a long time. This is a very common story of almost every office.

So as a boss, it is very important to choose the right chair that complements the posture, offers the right ventilation, etc. Picking up a random office chair can affect your employee’s health. Sitting in the wrong chair can cause spondylitis, backache, etc. As a result, you may have to rush to a doctor in the future.


 When we pick the chair, we have to keep in mind that we will sit in that chair in front of the computer for a long time to compliment our body posture well. In the ancient days of computing, almost everyone used to sit on any of the chairs available at that moment.

With the advancement of computer technology, the workload has increased, and it is continuing with the passing days to cope with every term of the digital age. In this scenario, it has become more crucial to buy an office chair to complement the screen time. If you research the computer chair, you can get many choices that will provide you comfort.

The aspect is:

  •  Upholstery– Nowadays, different chair companies have focused on comforting their customer. With time, they have offered different types of upholstery – breathable-mesh, nylon, mahogany, leather-like, and some are with many layers of soft cushions to add extra customers.
  •  Height– you have access to a high back chair that allows back support; mid-back chair adds extra motion.
  •  Style – In these sections, you have an option of mostly two types of the Chair- Executive Chair and Managerial Chair. One offers extra curvature with additional cushioning, and another one has the option of the armrest and easy mobility.
  •  Color– There are various color options; it is hard to give the color details. Still, I can assure you that you will be provided with a huge number of colors that will smoothly complement your office interior color.

Before proceeding to the next portion, let’s discuss the factors we should consider while buying the chair.

(1) Adjustability- According to the experts, moving helps decrease the pressure on the spinal cord, movement of oxygen into the skin improves the blood flow to the brain. So the office chair has supported the movement of the body of the person sitting on it.

(2) Recline- when you sit on a chair, your upper body relaxes all its weight on the lower portion of the body. Reclining chairs helps to relieve this pressure. Even it is said that changing the body’s position keeps the body attentive, comfort your eyes, neck, and arm.

(3) Seat height and depth – The chair height is said to be adjusted when your thighs are parallel, and knees are bent, and your feet touch the floor. There has to be space between the front edge of the seat and the back of your knees. Having the right chair with appropriate height and depth can give you comfort for a long time.

(4) Armrest –  Keep in mind that the appropriate height, pivot, and depth adjustability of the armrest provides good support to your wrist, arm, neck as well as shoulder.

Exploring the benefits of Ergonomic office chair design

Nowadays, almost every organization has become work- efficiency stuff specialists. Ranging from interiors, computers, office desk and chair to other stuff. The reason behind switching the stuff into ergonomic stuff is that the establishments focus on comforting their employees. The comfortable employee in his/ her workplace is the most efficient one, which increases the productivity ratio.

Among all the chairs, the most preferred chair is the Ergonomic office chair.  The ergonomic office chair has been in the limelight for quite a long time now. This chair design is successful in representing itself as the most intelligent office chair design. 

What is the reason behind so much popularity?

Apart from offering comfort, the design of ergonomic office chairs offers an active sitting option that can adjust with the movement of the person sitting on it. It is mostly offered in fabric and mesh renditions. The combination of a standing desk and the ergonomic office chair leads to greater comfort in the workplace.

Does it feel like a boss while sitting in the big chair?

 The term “big chair” has been used to represent the CEOs and the big establishment leader. The definition of a big chair or the boss chair has been changed in recent times. The present-day big chair is no more a euphemism for the leaders; the meaning has changed into the chair to serve the person who needs more space or has legs like “daddy long leg.”

The designer and the manufacturer conjointly decided that everybody has its proportion, so they have a different comfort zone level, so they have started offering a plethora of office chairs that are bigger and taller. Sitting on a chair that doesn’t compliment the body structure can cause discomfort, general lethargy, and even interrupts your mind from work.

Then which chair is the appropriate one?

Every individual has their body structures, so it is quite normal that they need a different piece of furniture to access the right comfort level. In recent studies, it has been found that sitting for a long time can affect health. Before selecting the chair, keep in mind for what purpose you will use the chair. There are thousands of chair designs that are waiting for you in the store.

What do you think?

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